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5 Vital Metrics You Must Know To Hit Or Exceed Your Revenue Goals

As I meet CEOs from around the globe, one of the first discussions we have is about their revenue goals. After they share their goals, my response is simple and to the point, “What’s your plan for getting there?” Unfortunately, most of the time I hear elaborate plans filled with empty metrics. The bones of a […] Read more

An alternative to the short & sweet internal referral e-mail

I read an article this morning from one of my mentors – copywriting expert Nick Usborne. In Nick’s e-mail, he talked about an opener for a “short & sweet” e-mail: First Line My name is Nick Usborne, I’m a coffee marketing expert, and I wonder if you could tell me who in your company would […] Read more

How Persuasive are your e-mails for the NURTURE queue?

When I taught the Predictable Revenue online course, I mentioned the importance of the five fundamentals in the writing of a good e-mail: Get Attention Show An Advantage Prove It Persuade Prospects to Grasp This Advantage Ask-For‐Action Called persuasive copywriting, the e-mails are written specifically to move your prospect to the next sales step. Important, […] Read more

Salesforce acquires ExactTarget – good news for e-mail deliverability?

Good news for those of us who expect immediate return on our investment from our e-mail campaigns! One of the biggest issues we face in generating the desired 7-9% response rate for outreach lead generation is Salesforce’s deliverability success of those e-mails. The 7-9% response rate drives continuous improvements in the pipeline.  If we don’t […] Read more

3 Ready-To-Use Cold E-mail Templates

As the quarter rounds the bend, many of us are feeling the pressure of a sluggish pipeline. Here are three cold e-mail templates that might be helpful in jump-starting the top of your pipeline. We’ve tested these e-mails with a number of clients following the framework outlined in “Predictable Revenue” ( These three e-mails all ask […] Read more

Cold E-mail Sample

Below is an e-mail I sent out to our community about 6 months ago. As you read this post, consider the importance of establishing a baseline in building your great sales process. Take to heart the information contained within this post and start implementing the suggestions as soon as you are done reading: The outbound […] Read more