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1.8 million calls later – what is the best time to reach prospects?

Mike Scher, a colleague, wrote a post on LinkedIn this week regarding his analysis of BTTC (Best Time To Call) after placing greater than 1.8 million calls.  His conclusion:  There is no best time to call your prospects.  The more important metric? YOU. Mike proposes creating a consistent day-in-the-life workflow to obtain the results you […] Read more

If You Knew Nothing, Would You Buy?

Let me ask you a question… If you were your ideal prospect, and knew nothing of your product or service, would you buy? When I pose this question to CEO’s from all over the globe, the knee-jerk answer is, “Yes! Of course I would!”  But that’s typically because they are too-close to their business. They […] Read more

What I Learned From Losing My First Client

Do you know what Thomas Edison thought about failure? Or more importantly, do you know what Edison’s peers said about his thoughts on failure? They were annoyed with him. Wanted to throw him out on the street every time he failed. But not because he was a failure. But because of Edison’s reaction to his […] Read more

5 Vital Metrics You Must Know To Hit Or Exceed Your Revenue Goals

As I meet CEOs from around the globe, one of the first discussions we have is about their revenue goals. After they share their goals, my response is simple and to the point, “What’s your plan for getting there?” Unfortunately, most of the time I hear elaborate plans filled with empty metrics. The bones of a […] Read more

An alternative to the short & sweet internal referral e-mail

I read an article this morning from one of my mentors – copywriting expert Nick Usborne. In Nick’s e-mail, he talked about an opener for a “short & sweet” e-mail: First Line My name is Nick Usborne, I’m a coffee marketing expert, and I wonder if you could tell me who in your company would […] Read more

Want more prospects? 4 steps to target your best customers

For our outbound/outreach efforts (we call on people in companies where we know we add value, but they may not know we exist… yet), preparing the Target Customer Profile (“TCP”) is a strategic move to get the outbound pipeline machine humming. You blend together everything you know about your customer, or your wanna-be-customer and create a profile. […] Read more

Prospect Persona Explained

Prospect Persona – What It Is and Why It’s Important When creating a prospecting & selling process, a critical initial step is developing a Prospect Persona. I define a Prospect Persona as a representation of the decision maker(s) you are selling to. A well thought out Prospect Persona help you to focus on both of […] Read more