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Chief Revenue Officer

Paul Fifield
Chief Revenue Officer

“The biggest mystery for me when I became responsible for sales in our B2B SaaS company was how to create a predictable flow of leads / initial conversations. Marylou not only solved this problem with an incredibly sophisticated outbound process and approach, but coached us through the whole buyers journey to Closed-Won. Since launching the program in Jan 2013, an outbound team of two have consistently delivered over 40 valuable new accounts to the AE team a month, which is now translating to six figures of new revenue each month consistently. Thanks to Marylou and her unrelenting support (that goes way beyond any standard consultant engagement) we now have the systems, process and KPIs in place to rapidly scale the business in a predictable, and dare I say it enjoyable way! Don’t use her at your peril.” ~Paul Fifield – Chief Revenue Officer –

Are We A Good Fit For You?

If you are wondering how we could work together to help solve your revenue growth challenges, first know this.

We understand your business is unique.  Because the Strategic Pipeline framework consists of building blocks, we have a range of services available to address your individual situation. Engagement Graphic Our engagement with you and your team starts with an “Are-we-a-fit?” (AWAF) call followed by a one-hour discovery call after the go/no-go AWAF call. During these conversations we discuss:

  • our 7-point business development framework that is part behavioral, part predictive and part creative (persuasive storytelling)
  • the descriptive state of your 6 business development framework levers that help us understand exactly where, on the success path, you are in your ability to generate a consistent pipeline of qualified, profitable new sales opportunities
  • predictive outcomes necessary to achieve your goals
  • a discussion of the prescriptive actions and effects we face in accomplishing your desired outcomes

Once we have completed our initial assessment process, we recommend a Strategic Pipeline service we believe best fits your needs.

How We Work With You – Our Programs

Here’s a very brief example of how this might work. Let’s say you have:

  • a sales team in place
  • you need to boost their pipeline of qualified sales opportunities as quickly as possible
  • you’ve researched your market worked hard on your targeting, and
  • you want to build an internal lead generation process that will continue to support growth in the future.

Strategic Pipeline Launch Pad will fill that bill.

Strategic Pipeline Launch Pad is a 90 day program priced at $24,950 that includes:

  • In-depth assessment of current sales lead generation process and unlimited phone based preparation (with materials ready to go this usually takes about 2 weeks) for onsite meetings
  • Strategic Pipeline course and support materials access for unlimited employees
  • Development of Ideal Target Profile
  • 2 Day onsite training and coaching
  • 30 day reinforcement and support including:
    • automation review and modification
    • email template review and modification
    • dashboard review and modification
    • messaging review and modification

Once we have completed the Strategic Pipeline Launch Pad program, your new sales opportunity creation system is up and running, but your team may still need ongoing coaching and optimization as they become experienced with day-to-day operations.

Strategic Pipeline Optimal Trajectory is structured to give your team that additional help for 3 to 6 months or until you feel that they can “orbit” on their own.  Strategic Pipeline Optimal Trajectory starts with the foundation of Launch Pad and for an additional cost of $24,500 to $51,000, depending on length, adds:

  • After completion of Launch Pad, 3-6 months of coaching, reinforcement and support
  • Additional onsite business process review and training each quarter
  • Complete Compel with Content™ training course to maximize impact of your e-mail program
  • Weekly one hour remote coaching, reinforcement and training call
  • Unlimited phone support

Based on our experience during the Strategic Pipeline Launch Pad program, we will tailor the Strategic Pipeline Optimal Trajectory engagement to achieve the highest level of optimization and self-sufficiency possible for your team.

Want to Put Your Toe In The Water?

Of course, after we have discussed your needs and current situation, you may decide that you aren’t ready for Launch Pad or Optimal Trajectory but want to get more first hand experience with Strategic Pipeline before you make that commitment.  To meet this need, we offer Strategic Pipeline DIY (with a little help from your friends!).  Strategic Pipeline DIY is an online course, designed for one or more individuals from a company to get the basics of outbound lead generation over a six week period.  We provide online learning modules, access to Strategic Pipeline collateral resources and real time webinars for a modest investment of $2,995 per student.
Contact Bob Kelly if you’d like to arrange group-DIY training, or would like more information on the offerings we provide clients.

Let’s Have a Conversation.

If you think Strategic Pipeline may be what you need, let’s start talking today. Building a consistent, profitable and predictable sales pipeline is closer than you think!

How To Get Started

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