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Salesforce acquires ExactTarget – good news for e-mail deliverability?

Good news for those of us who expect immediate return on our investment from our e-mail campaigns!

One of the biggest issues we face in generating the desired 7-9% response rate for outreach lead generation is Salesforce’s deliverability success of those e-mails.

The 7-9% response rate drives continuous improvements in the pipeline.  If we don’t reach 7-9% via e-mail, the telephone is used (at the expense of human resource) to bridge the gap in response rate.

Sending e-mails out through Salesforce was (and continues to be) the wildcard in determining whether our e-mails actually made it to the inbox of the recipient.

You can read more about the acquisition of ExactTarget here.

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Marylou Tyler

Process expert, speaker, co-author of top-10 business e-book - Predictable Revenue - Turn Your Business Into a Sales Machine. Create predictability in your sales pipeline by systematizing the steps from initial conversation through qualified opportunity

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