Marylou Tyler Credentials

Career milestones: Outbound Sales Process Framework Design/Implementation

Microsoft founded by Bill & Paul 1975
1976 Coded my 1st FORTRAN program using punch cards
Apple founded by Steve & Steve 1976
1981 Graduated UC Santa Barbara with BS/Computer Science – first job – Xerox Data Systems
Nintendo makes its debut 1985
1986 Hired by Honeywell (CP-6 Operating System) transaction processing development specialist
Started specializing in high-end outbound call center solutions and sales process software 1988
1991 World Wide Web is launched – August 6, 1991
• Fine-tuned outbound call-center process specialization to focus on inside sales
• Created sales-process framework for F100 clients
1996 • Developed & sold proprietary inside sales lead generation software – healthcare industry
• Created Direct Response Information System (DRIS) framework & software
• Expanded DRIS and B2B sales process framework to support F500 clients
Google launched by Sergey and Larry 1998
1999 • Developed DRIS analytics toolkit
• Developed predictive dialing call-set queueing software
• Enhanced DRIS to support Internet functionality
Facebook launched by Mark 2004
2005 • Added market research toolkit
• Developed customer satisfaction survey framework for financial services (mail, phone, Internet)
• Developed analytic tool to automate survey processing
• Refined DRIS framework to support 2nd & 3rd stage funded companies (launched as “LeadGen2.0”)
• Fine-tuned Predictable Revenue framework with Aaron Ross
2010 Launched Predictable Revenue framework
Predictable Revenue book launched – July 2011 2011
2012 Left Predictable Revenue to refine and progress framework
• Launched Strategic Pipeline
• Expanded Strategic Pipeline framework to support seed and early stage funded companies
2016 Published Predictable Prospecting
Launched Predictable Prospecting Certification Course 2017

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