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How to develop trust and credibility on the first call

We all know that over time, and as a prospect gets to know us, we establish credibility and trust. How can we slash the amount of time it takes to build credibility and shorten our sales cycle?

According to Dr. Cialdini, author of Influence – Science and Practice, there is a way to build credibility from what used to take 7-8 calls all the way down to 1 call.

This audio file (18:37 minutes long) teaches pharmaceutical reps how to ethically use simple phrases to quickly gain trust. The teachings in this audio file will serve you, no matter what your industry.

URL is: http://www.influenceatwork.com/podcast/cialdini_interview.mp3
or you can click here: Interview

Apply some of these techniques on your next series of e-mails, voice mails and conversations and you will surely start chiseling away at those lengthy sales cycles.


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Marylou Tyler

Process expert, speaker, co-author of top-10 business e-book - Predictable Revenue - Turn Your Business Into a Sales Machine. Create predictability in your sales pipeline by systematizing the steps from initial conversation through qualified opportunity

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