Bob Kelly Credentials

Career milestones: Sales Management and Emerging Technology Executive Leadership

Microsoft founded by Bill & Paul 1975
1975 Joined Intel Corporation in a regional sales position.
Apple founded by Steve & Steve 1976
1982 Promoted to world-wide Sales Director of Intel Systems Group which grew 40% to $140M in three years ending in 1984.
Nintendo makes its debut 1985
1985 Joined venture capital backed, early voice mail technology pioneer Digital Sound Corp. as SVP of Sales and Marketing.
Digital Sound Corp. IPOs after 180% 1989 revenue growth driven by phone company based voice mail offering. 1990
1991 World Wide Web is launched – August 6, 1991
Joined venture capital backed International Telesystems Corp. as EVP of Sales and Marketing. Hired Marylou Tyler as a sales consultant. 1991
1993 International Telesystems Corp. and Electronic Information Systems merge to form one of the largest predictive dialing companies. Became SVP of Business Development focusing on M&A and channel development.
Google launched by Sergey and Larry 1998
1998 Formed CenterForce Technologies Inc. as CEO to develop workforce optimization (WFO) solutions for call centers.
Facebook launched by Mark 2004
2004 CenterForce Technologies Inc. is acquired by Concerto Corp. and after several more acquisitions becomes Aspect Software. Join Aspect Software as VP of Performance Optimization with a $67M annual revenue call center WFO portfolio.
Aspect Software WFO business grows to $100M with world-wide leadership in call center workforce management 2008
2010 Joined HyperQuality Inc. as SVP of Sales and Marketing to build sales of call center quality management outsourcing services and launch industry’s first SaaS Quality Analytics software. Engaged Marylou Tyler to build Lead Gen 2.0 which became an operational model for Predictable Revenue. Sales pipeline tripled in 90 days. Revenue increased by 20% in 18 months.
Predictable Revenue book launched – July 2011 2011
2013 Joined Strategic Pipeline as Managing Director to bring expanded Strategic Pipeline framework to support early stage funded startups and medium sized companies needing consistent growth.

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