Overview of Our Company

Strategic Pipeline is focused on helping companies deploy a consistent and reliable Sales Opportunity Creation system that will increase new sales contacts, compel them to consider your offer and convert them to qualified sales opportunities.

The Strategic Pipeline process is the result of our cumulative experiences in managing rapid growth companies and needing to solve the painful problems of sales pipeline inconsistency and unreliable forecasts.

Most recently, Marylou Tyler served as CEO of Predictable Revenue where she and her partner began to formalize an outbound lead generation process which was described in their Amazon best-selling book of the same name.  After helping numerous companies over the last two years, Marylou realized there was something more required to assure the best results and together with Bob Kelly started Strategic Pipeline.

The “more” that differentiates our approach is embodied in our company byline – Contact. Compel. Convert.

Strategic Pipeline starts with precise repeatable steps to turn cold leads into interested contacts.  The next phase applies our content development methodology to compel interested contacts to become prospective buyers.  And finally, a step by step conversion process delivers a consistent flow of qualified sales opportunities to your sales force.

In addition, Strategic Pipeline utilizes an Ideal Prospect Profile process with our compelling content capability to increase the value and sale conversion rate of those qualified opportunities.  As a result, launching in 90 days, Strategic Pipeline can change your sales trajectory and ease the pain many growing companies endure.

Our Credentials

Marylou Tyler

Photo of Marylou Tyler - CEO of Strategic Pipeline

Marylou Tyler
Process Expert
Bestselling author (Predictable Prospecting – 2016, Predictable Revenue – 2011)

For 30 years, I’ve been in the pursuit of maximizing the return on effort in starting conversations with people we don’t know and converting them into high revenue clients.

Call it sales opportunity creation, account-based sales, sales enablement, outbound lead generation, demand generation, cold calling, outreach, outbound marketing – my passion has centered around systematizing the process of reaching out to people we don’t know, engaging them in conversation, getting them excited about making change, and wooing them to become one of our best clients.

That’s where I am today…(Read more…)

Bob Kelly

Photo of Bob Kelly - Chief Strategist and Partner in Strategic Pipeline

Bob Kelly
Chief Strategist & Sales Expert

Bob Kelly has been leading world class sales and marketing organizations for more than 30 years. Over Bob’s career, he has always thought that there was an absolute requirement that marketing, lead generation and sales be a seamless continuum. A growth focused company needs to have everyone in the organization “selling” the vision and using the same words to describe the company strategy and mission. This critical concept is even more important for newer companies that are just beginning to bring their message to the market. (Read more…)

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