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1.8 million calls later – what is the best time to reach prospects?

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MarylouTyler Lead Generation board for $2MM quota

Mike Scher, a colleague, wrote a post on LinkedIn this week regarding his analysis of BTTC (Best Time To Call) after placing greater than 1.8 million calls.  His conclusion:  There is no best time to call your prospects.  The more important metric?


Mike proposes creating a consistent day-in-the-life workflow to obtain the results you seek:

  • how many meaningful conversations are you having every day (goal: 5 per 2 hour block time of conversation)?
  • do you know what to say as next steps based on what you are hearing?
  • can you authentically turn negative objections into positive actions?
  • how compelling is your response to these 3 questions that enhance your success of turning a prospect into a client?
    1. Why should I make a change?
    2. Why should I change now?
    3. Why should I choose you?

One more conversation each business day yields 200+ more meaningful conversations (MC) each year. If you’re tracking your MC conversion rate, what does 200 mean to you?

The photo in this post is a poster board (20″ x 30″) I used in 1998 when I was a business development rep. Take a look at it. Everything is scripted. Objections with responses. Next steps. The question tree completely mapped.

I didn’t read from this board, I memorized it. Practiced it. Looked in front of a mirror and said the words.

And guess what?

Those 200 more meaningful conversations resulted in 20 more opportunities to put in my pipeline towards my $2MM quota.

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