Radically Increase Your Sales Pipeline

As a senior executive of a B2B growth company, revenue growth is one of your many worries.
But, lack of sales and consistent revenue growth is the one area that impacts you, your forecast, and your company the most.

Let us show you how to create consistent revenue opportunity growth in your sales pipeline.

With field tested, data-driven, scientifically proven frameworks designed & delivered by the author of two best-selling books on predictable frameworks for the Enterprise – Marylou Tyler.

No inflated claims here.

Sales frameworks that blend direct, online & subscription-based content marketing with the workhorse, ROI-based, targeted & segmented account or lead-based selling machine:

  • You attract the right clients with targeted content
  • Clients thank you for finding them
  • You deliver quality opportunities consistently to your sales team
  • Account Executives (“closers”) improve their sales numbers
  • You have total control of your pipeline
  • You have visibility into what’s coming three to six months out
  • You know when to scale, how much to scale and who
  • And newly hired closers start with a pre-built pipeline of qualified opportunities.

Build Qualified Opportunities in 90 Days

My business partner, Bob Kelly, & I understand where you are because we have lived it ourselves. Running several companies, writing books, and working in the field for many years – we’ve built an innovative sales opportunity creation system that solves all three problem areas in sales opportunity creation:
Contact – Target prospects with high revenue potential and high likelihood of closing.
Compel – Engage the right prospect at the right time using a variety of methods in a cadence that best fits your intended target.
Convert – Build a repeatable system that consistently generates opportunities with high likelihood of closing.
Our system contains specific steps, measures, adjustments and content development methodology ensuring your team consistently repeats and scales your sales opportunity creation efforts as you grow. Your team, under our guidance, assembles & activates the framework designed to maximize their Return-On-Effort (ROE):

  • in 90 days
  • improving response rates
  • leading to more meaningful conversations
  • generating more qualified opportunities
  • and a quantifiable return-on-investment in as little as 6-12 months

If you’re ready for one of our 3 concierge programs where you, Bob & I work side-by-side solving your revenue roller-coaster and ensuring you achieve rapid and consistent revenue growth, Schedule a call with Bob Kelly today.

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